18 November 2007

Back Home for a while.

Saturday was a busy shopping day... we had planned to hit the Outlet mall, KMart, CostCutter Foods and maybe Fred Meyer as well. After a nice breakfast in the hotel, we tried to get a pre-lit Christmas tree at Macy*s "One Day Sale" but they were already sold out. Too bad.


Next we hit the Outlet mall but started at Michael's craft store, where Halloween stock was an amazing 90% off! We bought a cart-full of items including 5 carveable styrene pumpkins for future Halloween celebrations. The first few stores were sadly lacking in things we really wanted, and then it appeared that the Sewer's Dream Fabric Outlet was gone, as was the Socks Unlimited store. I was pretty bummed until I discovered that the fabric outlet had only moved across to a larger storefront. (I ended up spending quite a bit of money there... and would have spent even more had I been given more time to root through the five huge bins of scrap fabric, sold by the pound!)

After a couple more stops, we bowed to Kiddo's request for a quick loop around Costco -- for samples!! -- and then headed for Jack-in-the-Box for lunch. (Low-brow fare, yes, but since there are none in Canada, we tend to go there when we can.) Post-lunch we hit KMart and Cost-Cutter foods, after which we were all tired and cranky and in need of some decompression. (Let's just say there's a good reason KMart went out of business in Canada.)

Dinner on Saturday was at Outback Steakhouse. Mmmmmmm.


After dinner, I hung out with Kiddo in the hotel (knitting) while Hubby and his Mom went back out to Fred Meyer.

This morning, we played tetris with our purchases, cramming them into every nook and cranny we could find, then checked out and headed for Bellingham. Among the things we picked up in Bellingham was a pre-lit Christmas tree at Wallgreens -- for $20 less than we were hoping to spend at Macy*s and about one tenth of what we expected to spend here.

We took the Pacific truck crossing back into Canada and made good time to the ferries. At 5:00 we pulled out of Tsawassen and two hours later we were back home, faced with unpacking our ridiculously full van.

I don't think we will need to cross the border for another year or so.

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