02 July 2006


July 1st wasn't just any Canada Day this year. July 1st brought a change to the GST (1% less tax); the start of Harper's promised $100 per month toward childcare; and Canada and the US agreed on the final wording to the Softwood Lumber Agreement as reached in April.

On a green note, the federal government is also offering a tax break for transit pass users, effective July 1st. (If you buy a monthly pass in Victoria, save the pass itself and also the receipt in order to claim your refund; you need proof that you paid for it, so unless it has your name on it, you need a receipt.)

In BC, the Teacher's Union (BCTF) reached a settlement at the 11th hour -- they'll see 16% (in wages, and benefits improvements) over 5 years, plus a signing bonus, but workload was not addressed. In theory, this means no strikes or walkouts for 5 years, but this is BC.

In a more frivolous arena, Victoria's Shaw Cable has added another movie channel (Encore Avenue 2 -- on channel 29) to the analog lineup, banishing CNBC to the outer reaches of digital cable.

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Greg Hewgill said...

...Software Lumber...

I'm sure I would have made the exact same typo. :)

Cheryl said...


Tim said...

To say we agreed on the wording is technically correct. Indeed, the Polish agreed on the wording of their agreement with Germany and Russia in 1939.

Cheryl said...

Tim: Yeah, I know. I know a lot of stuff didn't get dealt with. I only hope that the money starts flowing again and the issue shuffles off the radar of the evening news for a few more months.