14 July 2006

Some light distraction.

I felt the need to smile today... so I have worked little and have instead been distracted by shiny things online.

I found this lovely photo of a buddha in a shopping cart on Flickr; but what makes it so much better is the tale of the zealot in line as the item was being purchased...

Last night, I was happy to see that Stephen Colbert was in fine form... check out last night's Threat Down (Jackie Chan) as an example. I laughed many times... though possibly the funniest moment came during his check-in with Jon Stewart at the end of the Daily Show. He was dressed in a silly pirate hat and eyepatch, saying that after having seen Pirates of the Carribean, his kids might like to see him in "similar garrrrrrrb." Toward the end, slipped out of pirate-ese to complain about his wife's nagging, then launched back with, "Arrrrrrrr marriage is in trouble."

tags: distractions, fun with zealots, colbert report

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