15 July 2006

Goodbye Cici.


Sierra, a.k.a. Cici

An ultrasound yesterday confirmed the location of the mass the first vet felt from an external exam. Her platelets were too low to do a biopsy or exploratory surgery without a transfusion; but the pet hospital lacked enough blood to do the transfusion. We offered our other cat, Max, without hesitsation, and luckily, his blood was a match.

This afternoon, the vet performed the transfusion; this evening, surgery. Unfortunately, the mass was tangled around Cici's small intestine; the doctor could not remove it or even begin to reduce it without serious risk. We authorized euthenasia at about 8:00 this evening.

I know that she must have been in pain for some time, but she is no longer. I know that she was loved while she was here -- she was with us for over a decade and gave me much comfort and much love in return. I will miss her terribly.

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