25 July 2006

My Latest Obsession

When our local station stopped producing a morning news show (Curse you, CHUM!!) we considered watching one of the Vancouver feeds... but really that means you get weather and frequent traffic reports mingled with polite banter and Very Serious News™. Instead, we turned South... and now we get our start with The Daily Buzz on UPN 11 (soon to be CW 11, and I sure as hell hope they keep this morning show).

It's ridiculously funny for that hour while the coffee is just kicking in.

Sure, there's news. But then they have the all the silly stuff that I might find surfing the web ... like "News by the Numbers" which literally pulls a number out of a headline, then boils down the story into a sentence or two ... or Daily Buzz Old School which plays 1960s era commercials that I could download from YouTube ... they read emails out loud... they mock each other (and more importantly they mock celebrities!!)... it's all too much! I mean, I could sit at the web and find all this after an hour of surfing, forwarding funny things to family and friends, or I could sit and eat breakfast with my family and laugh as we all watch the same nonsense! Brilliant!

This week, they even have Joey Fatone (settle down, NSYNC fans fan...) as a guest host. Too much fun at 7 a.m. I recommend it highly if your brain, like mine, is not at its peak before noon.

tags: television, morning tv, daily buzz.

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pastilla said...

Other than the heartless and savage treatment of mannequins, it looks perfect for a Cuppa Joe Cozy wake-up coffee.