25 July 2006

Some relief...


I wiggled my toes in the damp freshly mowed grass under a tree on campus while I waited for hubby to collect me after work... ohhhhh that felt gooooood.

While sleeping was no easier last night (the house was still HOT and stuffy) at least it seems livable at the moment... there is a nice little breeeeeze drifting in. (Sorry about the flaky colours... but ya know, sometimes a girl needs to be flaky.)

Let me back up. Saturday night I was feeling lazy and lethargic.. I figured it was the heat. Sunday I woke up feeling awful... sick to my stomach and all. After spending most of Sunday sleeping on-and-off, I took Monday off work. By Monday night I was feeling human again, and even went for a lovely evening walk along the waterfront with hubby and kiddo before she went to bed.

fishermans wharf

Work today was busy and hot, but mostly all right... I got a lot of books moved off my desk and a few trickier problems settled. Only things on my calendar at work this week are social -- coffees and lunches -- then Friday is my flex day. Woo!

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