04 July 2006

And so it goes....

First a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to my American readers. May you enjoy this Tuesday of celebration, or the last day of a 4 day weekend if you were lucky enough to have Monday off.

Now... what did I do yesterday? Oh yeah. Turned various files and "safe places" upsidedown looking for my stupid little birth certificate. I found one expired passport, my UK railpass from 1987-88, my social insurance card (What? That wasn't in my wallet? What the hell is in my wallet? Oh, right: loyalty cards for every goddamned store in the city!!), a photo album that I was meant to fill about 2 years ago... and oh so many many things in the wrong places. But no certificate. When hubby asked when I last used it, I realized I hadn't needed it since we got married nearly 9 years ago. Doh.

I also decided to tackle kiddo's craft cabinet -- everything came out, got sorted; some got tossed, and then back inside with room to spare. Of course this meant she decided to paint....


Later, I decided to take on the task of filling that photo album. My mother in law bought it for me (a nice acid-free album, with room to label each photo beside the sleeve) with the idea that I could put all my England and Europe photos in there (a good idea, it turns out, because the crummy sleeves that were holding the photos were cracked and damaged). I started at 4:00 and finished around 11:30 (with a break for dinner, of course) and overall I am pleased with the result. It's a bit haphazzard toward the end, but at least everything is labelled. What I did find was that many of the photos were awful (under or overexposed) or meaningless ... and a few were missing from the album (I did track most of them down though). Eventually I will scan the better ones in, for safekeeping.

Today, I take the van in for a tuneup (always good before a roadtrip) so kiddo and I will have to kick around town for a few hours. Hopefully we can find enough to do without boring her (or buying her something at every stop).

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