13 July 2006

I was angry. Now I am not.

I was all set to rant about the changes at CHUM (our local A-Channel franchise just killed off the morning show; the sister CITY-TV station in Vancouver chose to go the other way, keeping the morning show and gutting the newsroom, no longer producing evening newscasts).

I was also going to rant some more about gymnastics camp (kiddo is having a crap time, we are not going to make her finish tomorrow).

But at 4:00, we took Cici into the Vet Hospital. She is still there, at least overnight and possibly Saturday too. She is dehydrated and the vet is running tests to see what else is wrong (because something else is wrong... it's just hard to tell what it is...). As annoying as she could be at times, she's been around me for the past 10 years... and the house feels odd without her here tonight. Even her nemesis Max seems confused... sniffing around every corner looking for her.


Hopefully we will know more tomorrow.

tags: rant, CRTC, cats

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