30 June 2006

Happyyy birthday part two!

Well, now imagine a nice dinner out. Somewhere hip, happening, alternative. Somewhere there is a chef, and maybe a wine list.

Now imagine you are me.

Now you can maybe understand why we opted to go to Harveys for double burgers and rings, followed by some impulse DVD purchases to round out our evening. :)

I am a happy birthday girl. I even did another happy dance in the van on our return home.

Oh, and here's some really random birthday number trivia:

"37 candles" produce 37 BTU which is equal to 9,324 calories of heat, which is the equivalent of 9.324 food calories, approximately the number of calories in a teaspoon of sugar.

So... (wait for it)... I'm thinking this is my "sweet 37th."

(Of course, based on what I have eaten, it's also my "high cholesterol 37th" heh.)

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