21 July 2006

I could reflect better if I weren't melting.

I've had an odd reflective, distracted week. Reflecting on pets past, present and future; distracted by a busy workweek and a little local heatwave.

Last night, the heat really didn't dissipate, so this morning we woke up to temperatures that would normally hit at midday; needless to say, it was HOT for Victoria -- 33 celsius (that's 91.4 fahrenheit according to Google calculator) by the early afternoon.

We retreated to the mall this evening for some air-conditioned calm before I had to collect Sierra's ashes. I went in and got them as quickly as I could -- so that I didn't burst into tears. I should have cried instead. They are in a tiny green urn with a ribbon around the neck and a little card that makes it look like homemade jam. It is not what I had expected. (When Orbit died, his ashes were put in a little wood box, with a name plaque, which seems much more respectful.) Also, the pawprint I requested was not with it... but even so... I really don't want to go back and complain. I don't have the strength.

I have a heap of books and other stuff to review... enough to keep me busy for several weeks... but I can't put my head to it right now. I keep reading the same sentences over and over.

tags: weather, grief

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pastilla said...

A ribbon around the neck with a tag? Weird.