04 July 2006

Grrr. It's still missing.

OK... so all day, I've been thinking, "Could it be in that box?" "Where did I last see it?" ... I've been trying to envision it in my head... but there is nothing. No sign of it. Nada.

So then I checked to see what I needed... and according to US Customs and Border Protection,

"Canadian citizens generally are not required to have a visa or a passport and may visit the U.S. for up to 6 months. However, Canadians must be able to prove their identity and citizenship to enter the United States. CBP will accept either a birth certificate, citizenship certificate or passport as proof of citizenship. If the Canadian citizen does not have any of these because they were lost or stolen, we emphasize that the burden of proof is on the traveler to prove that they are Candian citizens. Copies of correspondence requesting a replacement of documents, etc. might be accepted, but it is up to the CBP officer to determine whether or not such paperwork meets that burden of proof."

Hell. So then I checked with Canadian Passport service: could I rush a new passport? -- yah right. If by rush you mean actually get it within the estimated 4 week wait time. Oh, unless there is a "bona fide" reason for emergency travel (read, "funeral in another country"). OTOH, I can get a rush Birth Certificate within 48 hours (i.e., if I go in tomorrow) for $60.

Man, I do NOT want to be penalized $60 for my own stupidity. But I also don't want to let kiddo down after promising her a trip to the United States. So... I will keep looking, and probably go in to see if I can get a rush replacement tomorrow. Sigh.

On the plus side, I found a $5 bill and over $6 in coins while searching. So that's something I guess. If I find the rest of the $60 tonight, I'll call it fate and get the replacement.

tags: disorganization, personal stupidity.

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