05 July 2006

I gave up.

After going through the storage locker in addition to everywhere else, I finally gave in at about 10:30 this morning.

I am now the owner of a newly issued Birth Certificate. And it only cost $27. And it was disturbingly easy to get. Seriously, I've been asked more challenging questions to retrieve a lost password online.... and they did not ask for any photo ID. Eek.

Hubby met us downtown after his meeting and while we were there, we also got the cash we needed for the U.S., saving us a trip tomorrow.

Still, it's done. Now I have to clean the house, clean the van (we are leaving one set of seats behind), do some laundry, refresh the music on my mp3 player, and pack. Hopefully my headache will go away soon.

tags: vital statistics, travel plans.


pastilla said...

Disturbingly cheap and easy, I agree. Wonder what kind of ID you have to get for a PO box? Armed with a birth certificate, PO box, and one pre-approved credit card application stolen from someone's mail . . .

Cheryl said...

Oh, it's even worse than that. Vital Stats (who issue birth certificates) also issue SIN numbers... and the ONLY valid ID they will accept for that is a birth certificate. They won't even accept a passport -- Canada's most secure document. Yikes.