06 July 2006

Unplugging for a few days....

OK. Today I have been cleaning and running last minute errands while kiddo was safely out from underfoot. Tomorrow, we head for the earliest ferry possible (well, we are aiming for a 7:00 sailing, but if we get on the 8 or even the 9, so be it.) and head for the border on the other side. We will be back sometime on Sunday.

Since we want to take as little as possible with us, the laptops will be staying here.. so I will be offline until Sunday night or maybe even Monday morning (eep!). We will, however, have our cameras, so expect an illustrated travellogue next week.

Back to packing.... hope your weekend is wonderful; thanks for popping in.

tags: travel, unplugged


Xolo said...

Bon voyage and have fun!

pastilla said...

Have a great time. Bellingham = counter culture fun.