26 December 2005


Just in case you were on the edge of your seat, here are some follow-ups on recent blog posts.

It turns out that the DHS vs. Interlibrary Loan story was in fact a hoax (as was suspected within hours of the original story being released). (Thanks for the tip, Tim.)

The charges against Gary Glitter are likely to be dropped(!) due to lack of evidence.

Christmas Annuals are all over the place (I found the 2005 Rupert Annual in Bolen's today for only $18.99) -- so apparently I just asked the extra-stupid clerks -- oh, pardon me, I should have said knowledge-challenged clerks.

Hubby found white cornmeal retail -- at the Italian deli on Blanshard at $3.25 for a 1 kg bag, in case you were dying to know.

Kiddo is still a little obsessed over Channukah (which you may recall she thought was the "third Christmas") -- today on our way home she was singing this song:

Jew-ish people cel-e-brate Hann-u-kah
Jew-ish people cel-e-brate Hann-u-kah
We don't cel-e-brate Jew-ish things
Jew-ish people cel-e-brate Hann-u-kah.
The end.

She then proceeded to explain to us how the menorah worked. Right now, though, she is playing with her Mutant Stewie action figure playset.

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