20 December 2005

Homminy Quest....

Gonna do a bit of bragging about my most fabulous spouse... but first a question:

Why is it impossible to find white cornmeal in my city?

Seriously, if anyone knows of a retail source for white cornmeal anywhere on the South Island (Nanaimo? Sooke?) or even on the Lower Mainland -- hell if you know of anywhere in Canada that ships the stuff -- let me know. Why is this so important? Because to make "grits" one really needs to use white cornmeal; it has a slightly different texture and taste and comes out creamier. The only place we have found in town that serves grits is, of course, Denny's.

So the bragging. This morning, hubby could not sleep (apparently I was snoring like a lumber jack -- not unlikely, actually) so he got up a half hour early, drove to Denny's and got an order of grits to go. Then he came home and cooked bacon and eggs to accompany the grits.

Il est un mari parfait, non?


Chris said...

You might be able to talk the manager of your local Denny's into buying a bag or two of white cornmeal for you. Throughout my culinary career, I have done this on occassion for regular customers who cannot find a particular item in local grocery stores. I would order the items, and the customer would pay for them when they came to pick them up.

Another option is to contact the distributor directly (the company which delivers the food items to the Denny's...possibly Sysco or Alliant Foodservice) and ask them if you may purchase a few items, and pick them up C.O.D. the next time the truck makes it's delivery. You'll have to let the restaurant manager know you are doing this, but most managers won't have a problem with it.

Hope this helps.


Cheryl said...

Hey, thanks! Those are good ideas. While I had thought of contacting the distributor, I hadn't thought to ask the Denny's manager directly. Cheers!