28 December 2005

Boxing Week Madness

For some reason, post Christmas sales (called Boxing "week" rather than Boxing Day for the past few years) have been insane this year. I don't mean "insane" as in "wow, I can't believe this stuff is so cheap" but "insane" as in "WTF? Why is the entire population of Victoria trying to park at the same [expletive deleted] mall?"

We did go out on Boxing Day; we skipped Mayfair mall and went to Hillside (where HMV actually did have some insane prices for DVDs -- we bought both Supersize Me and also the Aviator for $5.99 each -- we figured even if we hated the Aviator it was only 50 cents more to buy it than to rent it.). After Hillside, we hit what hubby calls the gexus (geek nexus) -- a cluster of comic and gaming stores downtown. Legends Comics had a fantastic sale -- all their recent reads comics* were on sale for $2 each (or 10/$15 or 20/$20). We got 20.


Today, we went to Mayfair, thinking that it would be a bit quieter. We were wrong. The parking lot was jammed and the stores were crowded with people trying to burn off gift cards. Most unpleasant, really.


*Reasons I really like Legends Comics include the fact that the owner presumes most his customers are idiots and he is terribly sarcastic about it. The sign for the sale comics included this note:

Comics have staples.

In other words, don't try and bring me a collection with a glued spine, the one priced at $9.95, and try to argue that it was on the recent reads shelf and so I should sell it to you for $2. Dumbass.

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