08 December 2005

Remembering & Thinking

If you read Medianook, you know I saw Syriana last night. Now I will shut up or the hype will start to outweigh the film, and it deserves better. That's the thinking part of this post.

Almost twenty-five years ago, I was getting ready to go to school (the morning of December 9th). We had just gotten into the car and the radio announcer said that John Lennon had been fatally shot overnight. My Mother was startled (she may have reacted with a surprised "Oh!") and we listened to the remainder of the story in silence while the car warmed up. Then I asked, "Mom, who are the Beatles?"

I was only eleven and the closest I had heard to any Beatles songs were the Boston Pops cover versions. Needless to say, that changed. I went through a big obsession with the group a few years later in grade 9 and while the intensity has waned, I still really dig some of their tunes. I never quite got into the solo careers of the individual Beatle members, including John Lennon, though I do appreciate some of their singles.

So, to better reflect on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's accidental martyrdom, I have loaded half of the White Album on to my mp3 player.

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