26 December 2005


You might have been expecting my post-xmas wrap up to be somewhat sarcastic or snarky... but overall it was a good Christmas, so I'm just going to say some "Thanks" to people:

Thanks to my hubby, for spoiling me as usual. Aside from doing 99% of the cooking, he suffered through several rounds of (*ahem*) discussions in the past two weeks around the scheduling of the holiday celebrations.

Thanks to my kiddo who, though seriously overstimulated by everything, still managed to say thanks to her family (with some prompting) and even wish people a "happy boxing day" on their way out.

Thanks to mother nature, who started the day off very drizzly and rainy but who kept the sun streaming in through the windows through to the early afternoon and kept the temperature around 10° C (about 50° F) -- warm enough to keep our windows open.

Thanks to our cat Max, who steered clear of the action for most of the day -- no thanks to our cat Sierra who got underfoot and at one point sprang from under the tree across the room and almost over the coffee table, knocking over a mug of tea into the gifts. (After that, she got shut into the office for a couple of hours to "think it over" which to a cat just means she got some alone time.)

And of course thanks to all my family for the lovely gifts -- oodles of DVDs (To Kill a Mockingbird, Rear Window, Time Bandits, American Gothic series, Night at the Roxbury), CDs (Garden State soundtrack & Matthew Good In a Coma), a Corpse Bride, giftcards, a TMCM mug, books, La Senza flannel pyjamas, a wicked hand-crank LED flashlight, and enough coffee to last us through into at least February.


Now it seems we have settled into a Battlestar Galactica (original series) marathon on Space. Could be worse, I guess. ;)

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