22 November 2005

Would somebody please lock this guy up?

Once top of the pops, Garry Glitter (a.k.a. Paul Gadd) has been suspected of inappropriate sexual interactions with minors yet again.

Since 1999, when he was officially labelled a sex offender for having child pornography on his computer, Gadd has been on the run to and from Cuba, Cambodia, and now Vietnam.

On the plus side, Vietnam is not the place you want to be diddling someone's daughter: he could face the firing squad if found guilty.I just wonder whether Amnesty International, or any other aid group opposed to capital punishment, would leap to his aid considering the allegations.


Z├ęzette said...

You'd think being cut out of the Spice Girls movie would be lesson enough, but NO!

Tsk, tsk, silly Gary. Such a shame. I have an imported GG vinyl album, and since the first incident I can't listen to "The Leader of the Gang" anymore. Which is a shame, because I love it.

Cheryl said...

Yep. "Rock N Roll Part II" used to be a fave and I have it on "Contact: The All Star Album" (which is basically "songs you hear at a hockey game") -- but even that ditty is tainted by the thought of his dirty old self oggling children.


Tim said...

Hmm... my keen legal mind tells me that this might have an impact on his application for Vietnamese Citizenship.