21 July 2005

ViK MUNiZ - artist

One of the benefits of working in the cataloguing area is being able to see the new books come through. Often, the book jackets are discarded and many staff (including myself) sift through these for cubicle art.

This week, I found the most amazing cover, it folds out to a very large poster which now decorates my cubby. The image is of a white rose, created by arranging thousands of plastic (toy) bugs around negative space. You can see it on the artist's webpage: VIK MUNIZ. The "White Rose" is included in the gallery with "Monads" (2003). The book jacket surrounded the catalog from an exhibition of Muniz' work at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea in 2003.

Amazing stuff...

(p.s. Sarcasmo I am sure you will appreciate the "Caviar Monsters" series...)

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