05 July 2005

Da! Stupid!

File under "You've got to be kidding me!":

NASA is sued for Deep Impact probe [Pravda]

Russian astrologer Marina Bai sues NASA to compensate her moral damage in the sum of over 310 million USD. ... Marina Bai believes that the plan of NASA is an attempt against the natural life in space, which might break the natural balance of the Universe. Bai filed a lawsuit against NASA seeking the protection of her moral and life values. The Russian scientist says that the above-mentioned comet is rather valuable for her as personal memory: the comet gave a start to the relationship of the astrologer's grandparents. Marina Bai clarified that when her grandfather met her grandmother, he showed her the comet in the sky, and it became the romantic start of their long family life.

Some people really shouldn't be allowed access to lawyers.

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