27 July 2005

customer service

Good Customer Service:

Hubby and I were in Sidney a few weeks ago. We went into a cafe that advertized Salt Spring Coffee. Seeing the coffee in carafes labelled "light roast" and "dark roast" I asked for a large dark roast. I was told, "Ummmm, it's all dark roast, " followed by a vapid look and a shrug. So I accepted her word and the coffee, poured from the "light roast" caraffe. It was the WORST coffee I'd had in weeks -- including the experimental bargain brand home-brew. I gagged down about a third of the nasty brew before chucking it.

Hubby was so annoyed that he complained to Salt Spring Coffee Co. directly. He said that since the cafe was advertising their coffee they should be brewing it to a decent standard. They phoned him within a day and apologized. They explained that they would be discussing quality control with the cafe owners and/or staff and they also offered to send us a pound of French Roast, their darkest roast. We received it last week, along with another follow-up call from the company. The invoice sheet read "promo: relationship repair" with no charge for the coffee or shipping. That is good customer service. (I also highly recommend their product, but don't recommend the cafe at the end of the Beacon Ave. pier in Sidney)

Bad Customer Service:

I regularly send text messages to my phone and my hubby's phone with a domain suffix of "txt.bellmobility.ca" -- today those messages bounced with the following error:

PERM_FAILURE: DNS Error: Domain name not found

I went online to bell.ca found no help in the troubleshooting section, so I tried a site search. Scrolling through ooodles of hits, I finally found the basic info page for text messaging. The only domain mentioned for sending/receiving messages is "txt.bellmobility.ca," and the link comes up as dead from that page, so I go to the report a problem page -- oh great! I'll receive a response within two working days! Screw that... find the contact page and call the 800 number. First guy only does billing; he transfers me to "data support" where I wait for 15 minutes. Meanwhile I send test text messages to my phone, to see if it is just hubby's phone with the issue. Bouncy bouncy bouncy. Finally techie guy answers, I go through the problem, and he asks me to try sending a message to "txt.bell.ca" I do, and it works.

So he's acting like the condescending hero, blathering on about my server not being able to resolve the dns. I explain to him that the problem was that while there is a workaround, it's not publicized -- and why the heck isn't he worried that their main text messaging domain is invisible to my email client and my internet provider today? After several attempts at trying to get my point across it was clear he was just watching the clock tick and rolling his eyes, so I hung up. Whatever. BAD customer service, Bell. Bad.

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Rae said...

I get really grumpy about bad customer service. Great to hear you had some good response from the coffee people! Now that's really good to hear.