19 July 2005

Playground Ettiquette?

I wonder: what is the appropriate ettiquette or accepted "emergency" response when one's child pees (accidentally) on public playground equippment?

Flashback to Sunday.... We decided to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (it's great, don't know why I had any doubts about Burton taking it on, it's a perfect fit between subject matter and interpreter) then grabbed some lunch and went to a park so the kid could get some ramming around time. Before we left the theatre and while we were picking up lunch, the kid was asked if she needed to make a visit. She declined both times. You can tell where this is headed. Once she announced what had happened, the playground cleared -- I ran to assist her off the structure and I tossed some sand over the ... um ... evidence. Then we got her into dry clothes and hustled her home to a bath.

I think I did well. I kept my cool. We explained to her that we were not angry about what happened, only that she had refused to use the appropriate facilities when she had the chance.

Thankfully, the park was not near our house... I don't think I would want to risk seeing those other mothers any time soon....

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miss wendy said...

I used to be a 'nanny' and this did happen on the odd occasion.. although as a nanny I was usually equipped to clean up after the children- it is hard isn't it.. I have had them do all sorts of things- I nannied twins for 5 years from 6 months to school age and they sometimes did this thing when upset where they would lay themselves spreadeagled on the ground and scream - only occassionally ( 2 ss's , l's and c's just in case).. and that was always tricky.. or another little boy who would totally lose the plot if his banana broke.. I used to get anxiety every time it would get peeled....