01 July 2005

Mid-to-Late Thirties

OK. I am now definitely in my mid-to-late 30s. To celebrate, I had a day mostly to myself. Got up, had a lot of coffee, went out for brunch (ordered the "meat-lovers scramble" with toast instead of pancakes) at Denny's, then spent the afternoon shopping, walking, and browsing Downtown. I spent a grand total of $28.80 (plus a $25 gift certificate) in four stores and wandered through many more. I had expected to spend a bunch of time taking photos but took comparatively few. I did capture one in particular that amused me:


I'm not too good at actually reaching for goals I set myself. (You can see evidence at my 43things list; many of the items that should have been long ago completed -- like installing light fixtures in the hallway -- are still hanging around doing nothing while I procrastinate by blogging.) I think, though, that this would be a good time to set some concrete goals for the next year:

1. Lose more weight. (Want a number attached? How about another 25 lbs.)
2. Submit at least ONE manuscript for publication.
3. Install those goddamned light fixtures!

Having admitted that I suck at goal-reaching, I'd welcome encouragement and even nagging from any of you kind readers. Feel free to fling me an email as you see fit to check on my progress on these things or any of my other 43things. For the weight loss goal, you can also check my Fighting to Lose blog.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for visiting and for the support over the past year -- as you know, it's been a bit bumpy.

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Z├ęzette said...

Ha, I remember seeing staple-covered poles whilst I was in town, but -- unsurprisingly -- had forgotten until now.

Glad you had an enjoyable day, and also glad to see that someone else utilises their own personal New Year to reflect and plan. People get very concerned with providing raucous celebrations for birthdays but honestly, I'm rarely in the mood when mine comes aroung due to deep life-scrutiny.

And the thanks regarding the blog should go your way, too. I always enjoy dropping in to F & J; I've come to expect through experience that it'll be both entertaining and current (at the risk of putting you under the pressure of expectation!). You communication really well, so I'm sure that this manuscript that you WILL be finishing over the next 12 months will be well worth the read. I'm putting my hand up for editing duties, incidentally.

Happy mid-to-late thirties. :)