01 July 2005

Happy Birthday, Canada.

Today is Canada Day (formerly known as "Dominion Day") and my country is out there drinking Canadian beer and trying to get a good seat to see fireworks. I think my country is content to pat itself on its back Pride-wise these days**, so I figure it's been a good year for Canada.

I would like to take a moment to shamelessly plug my Live by the Leaf Canadian-pride designs on Cafe Press. If you like them, please consider buying a t-shirt, mousepad, or -- heck -- even a thong. Or buy me one. :) (I could always hang the thong from our rear-veiw mirror. YEAH! Rockin'! A thong in a minivan.)

In the meantime, I'm off to see some things explode in the overcast night sky.

EDITED to add: here's what the fireworks looked like from the West Bay Walkway:

**cave-dwellers may want to do a Google News search for Bill C-38.

1 comment:

Visage said...

Lovely country we got. :)
Happy Canada Day.