20 July 2005

The Clock is Falling!

Media outlets are all a-buzz this morning because of this story: U.S. moves to extend daylight time [CBC News]. So what's all the fuss? Well, some policy-people seem to think this will leave Canada in a vulnerable position (what, like the back of a Volkswagon?), which of course is ridiculous.

The problem is, that the US wants to adjust daylight savings by two months -- instead of running from April to October they want to start in March and run through November.

Honestly, if this is up for negotiation, I want Canada to just spring forward and stay there; make daylight savings our new standard time! If the US wants to follow us, great. If not, bollocks to them!


Mike DeWolfe said...

Daylight savings was rolled out by Churchill during WWII. Roosevelt adopted it soon afterwards. All this was in an effort to get people out in the morning light to work in the factories and to fuel the war machine to beat the Nazis.
Well, we won.
It's time to drop a stupid construct that actually causes accidents. It favors industry over individuals (e.g. it's light on the way in at 7:30 AM but dark at 5:30 when you're off work).

Cheryl said...

Fine with me, either way. We ought to abandon this twice-a-year time shift crap once and for all.