29 July 2005

Lookie thar, Pa: corn!

You'd think that having to work only two days this week would have made Friday go a bit faster, but nOOOooooo. Today the clock was almost still. To "make up for it" I treated us to some McD's for dinner. I tried their oriental chicken salad. Two words "rather disappointing" -- especially when compared to Wendy's oriental chicken salad which includes almonds and crispy noodles and is larger.

Tonight hubby is out being a Good Friend®, helping a buddy move. The kiddo and I are lounging about listening to CBC-RadioTwo in the living room. Tonight they have been playing highlights from the Atlantic Jazz festival interspersed with choirs from the "intra-polar regions" (Canada, Iceland, Norway, Latvia etc.). I should listen to more radio; it's better for my brain.

In my garden, plantzilla -- a zealous squash plant -- has taken over. I wouldn't mind if I thought I would get any veggies out of the deal but between slugs eating the flowers from the outside and ants eating them from the inside, I doubt any will survive. I do have higher hopes for the corn:

young corn

And now I must go get some writing done; I wrote two movie reviews (about 1000 words) this week so I haven't got any work done on the book yet. Sigh.


Zézette said...

"I haven't got any work done on the book yet." Hmmm. :one raised eyebrow, arms folded:

Cheryl said...

I know. I know. Problem is, I am at the point where I actually have to research, which takes time...

Zézette said...

I know. Just doing my job. :) So long as you're making progress and you know it, all is well.

If you're progressing and you know it, clap your hands!