24 July 2005


Headed to Beacon Hill Park this morning, and met R. and her daughter who is the same age as as our kid; they got along very well. We hung around the children's farm (a.k.a. petting zoo) for about an hour, then over to the play area where our kid prompty got herself soaked through running around the water spouts.

I managed to get some good shots of the animals in the park, including this little fella, a Western Painted Turtle:


After the park we gathered some groceries (including some fresh local berries which are flash-freezing as I type) and now we're settling in for an afternoon of slacking. Ahhhhh.


Z├ęzette said...

Just when my "homesickness" for Victoria was abating, you go and mention Beacon Hill. :( I did enjoy that park. Glad you got out into the shaggy outdoors.

Cheryl said...

And I'll keep doing that until you come back. ;)