03 July 2005

88-cent DVDs

Yes, I went shopping at the evil WalMart. I'd say I didn't enjoy it, but I came home with a half-dozen 88-cent DVDs. Packaged in folded cardstock and stamped off-centre, these "all region" DVDs are largely public domain films, TV series episodes, and cartoons and I expect those I haven't seen to be mediocre entertainment, but I can live with that. Here's the rundown:

1. Dick Van Dyke Show (4 episodes) -- Really, can't go wrong with the Petries and the print is not that bad.
2. Woody Woodpecker and Other Cartoon Treasures (10 cartoons) -- only 1 stars Woody Woodpecker (though it is a good one), 2 are unfamiliar ("Teacher's Pest" and "The Lost World"), 2 star Gabby, 2 star Felix the Cat, the remainder are classic Popeye shorts. Worth it if only because there is just one overlap with the kid's other classic cartoon collections.
3. Suddenly (1954) -- Frank Sinatra as a mob hit-man.
4. Penny Serenade (1941) -- Cary Grant stars. Need I say more? How could I resist!?
5. Father's Little Dividend (1951) -- classic Liz Taylor and Spencer Tracy in the original film that inspired the Steve Martin opus Father of the Bride Part II (1995).
6. Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Crash of the Moons! (1954, TV serial)-- I expect this to be 78 minutes of painful sci-fi serial not unlike Flash Gordon, but it might be worse. However, I was drawn to it for evoking a certain icon in the cover bumf (emphasis is mine):
Rocky Jones (Richard Crane) is a take-charge and well-meaning galactic trooper that has been elevated to cult status and made James T. Kirk possible a generation later.
So, I expect these to be worth the $6.02 paid (including taxes) as I figure at least three are watchable; the others can be wrapped and passed off by Secret Santa this year....

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