14 July 2005

International who?

The International Commission of Jurists came up as an author on a book I was cataloguing. What surprised me is that they were still around.

Let me rephrase that. What surprised me is that though they were founded in 1952, I had never heard of them. When I checked the web and found they were still active, I was surprised because I presumed they would have folded years ago, explaining why I'd never heard of them despite having a history degree.

Anyway, here's what they do:

The ICJ provides legal expertise at both the international and national levels to ensure that developments in international law adhere to human rights principles and that international standards are implemented at the national level.

I'll admit my knowledge of international organizations is flimsy -- I presume if it crosses borders it's either affiliated with the UN or it's some capitalist convention like the IMF. =shrug= Something else I should study I guess... in all that spare time I have. Hahahahahahah.

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