26 July 2005

More about Teany

Having read the teany book cover to cover, I am craving tea. In fact, I am craving all sorts of tea... and a little sandwich they claim works well as a hangover cure: cashew butter, apple butter, sliced banana and a drizzle of maple syrup between two slices of white bread, grilled. MmmmMMmmm.

I definitely have another mission if/when I make it to NYC; I must find and eat at the teany cafe. In the meantime, I will browse their online store and dream of a day when my credit card is not maxed out.

In the meantime, I may wander by Silk Road Tea Co. to investigate white tea, rooibos, and/or yerba mate.... any of you tea-totallers in the audience care to chime in with reviews of these or other favourite teas?


Zézette said...

Tea drinker reporting (repotting?) for duty.

Rooibos is very much the new black amongst imbibers here, but this pot hag says no. When I ingest a beverage I like it to leave my mouth wetter than when I started, not dryer.

Philosopher's Brew looks good... it'd be nice cold in summer, especially made into a sorbet!

Lapsang souchong was a fave for years... until I quit smoking. Then I realised that LS tastes very much like an ashtray has been emptied into the pot.

The tea bricks look pretty groovy, don't you think?

Browsing these lists takes me back a few years to when my teapot rarely rested, particularly around cold and flu season. Licorice is not a tea I enjoy drinking, but it's the bees knees for clearing a heavily congested chest.

My standard favorite for many, many years has been good old Sleepytime Tea. So soothing, so delicious. In fact, I've just finished one, as I do every night. :)

Wow. So many teas, so little time. Thanks for the great links.

Zézette said...

Oh crap -- my comment's longer than your post. Is that bad etiquette?

Cheryl said...

Bad etiquette? Nah. Amusing? Sure.