07 July 2008

Spam Silliness

One of my tasks as head of our union communication committee is to clear the spam from the mailing list. I don't mind, because I get to see whatever the latest subject lines are and how they are trying to get around spam filters.

I thought I had found a new fave this morning:

Ensure your potence and make love everywhere (everywhere? but wouldn't that get you thrown in jail?)

But that was only the third one down the list. Further along, they just got better and better:

15 Ways to act Longer in bed! (does that mean faking it for more than 10 minutes, or just pretending to be longer...?)
Stars and Strips forever (there were lots of references to 4th of July and fireworks, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more....)

And the winner is:

We have everything to cure your masculinity. (really? there's a cure for that?)

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