23 July 2008

Mountains, trees, water and wildlife

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The North Island is very picturesque and full of friendly people (it would take us some time to adjust..). We arrived yesterday, spending the day in Port McNeill... in a hotel that seems an oddity in a lumber town -- it's made of cinderblock.

Today we drove into Port Alice and had a picnic lunch there. After lunch, we turned left at the highway, taking us even further north, to the end of Highway 19 in Port Hardy.

On the way back to Port McNeill, we saw, at the side of the highway, a black bear and two cubs. Actually, I had expected to see more wildlife, but aside from some sea-stars and other sea creatures and a lot of birds, the bears were it.

Tomorrow, we head back South; we'll be home again Friday night. I've posted more photos on Flickr if you want to see more details.

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Greg said...

What fun! I've never been further north on the Island than Courtenay or so.

I must say that when you began with "The North Island is..." I had rather a different island in mind.