05 July 2008


Notice anything different? Well, unless you are reading the feed and not visiting my page, you should. I upgraded to Blogger's newer template today and changed the background image to my button stash (the intersection of craft and clutter seemed appropriate)

I changed a few other things, too, but most amusing to me are the slideshow of my Flickr photos at the top of the left sidebar and the link to some of my and hubby's YouTube videos at the foot of the page. If something is missing that you think needs to be added, let me know!

Oh, one other thing, I added a link to all the places you can buy my creations in the sidebar and I have decided that if you email me and say, "Hey, I just ordered [this product] from [website selling that product] and I read about it on Flotsam and Jetsam," I will send you a free gift!

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