25 July 2008

A crappy welcome home.

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I'm not going to say much, but when we arrived home from our vacation today, we found that someone (presumably on direction from our strata management company though without our knowledge or consent) had entered our patio and "moved" items away from the fencing. In the process, our property, notably our container gardens -- including many food plants -- were irreparably damaged.

This pretty much erased all the relaxation we gained from the trip. Needless to say we are seeking remuneration for the damages.

If there is one positive outcome it is that all of us are now that much more committed to getting out of this strata situation as soon as possible.


Star said...

What a shame. And not a good ending to such a great vacation. Why did they need to move something while you were away?

Cheryl said...

Ostensibly to pressure-wash the fences in preparation for painting or staining. This was discussed at the AGM in May, but no timeframe was given. Incidentally, the pressure-washing has removed the protective stain that was already on the fencing.

Tim Bailey said...

I'm going to get back to you guys on this one. There are a number of issues here that the Strata should address.