29 July 2008

Little Amusements

Today, I got this message in my email box:

[Flickr] You are Barack Obama's newest contact!

Tee hee. I love that the Obama campaign has a Flickr account (of course they've also been using Twitter and Facebook and every other Web 2.0 widget to great effect -- just go to BarackObama.com and check out "Obama Everywhere" in the lower right column for all the links).

Now that Hubby is approaching the finish line for his Cthulhu sculpture, I have suggested that his next undertaking resemble something like this zombie sculpture -- Kiddo said we need to have one on the front lawn to "scare off riff-raff" (yes, she did use those words exactly). She also said we would need a gravestone to go with the zombie.


And, finally, if you haven't already seen it, take a look at the (almost) finished version of the stop-motion animation that Hubby and Kiddo made the week before our road trip:

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