30 July 2008

A day out

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Spent the day out and about. This morning, took Dad and Kiddo out to Sally Ann (found a TON of stuff, much of it half off, so I spent under $20) then lunch (Kelsey's) and grocery shopping.

After returning Dad to his place, Kiddo and I went out to Swan Lake, despite the cloudy skies. As you can see in the photo, the clouds did part somewhat and we mostly avoided rain. I think today may have been the first time I have actually walked across the lake on the floating boardwalk -- generally that thing freaks me out. However, it was interesting to watch the swallows flying low over the algae-covered surface to feed on mosquitoes. Other than the swallows and a few ducks, we saw a hummingbird and a garter snake, but not much else. Still, it was nice to wander around along the trails.

Tonight, I plan to make use of some of the craft supplies I bought at Sally Ann... I feel the need to create something... maybe cards...

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