06 July 2008

Closer to ready....

Despite yesterday's lackluster open houses (yes, the market has relaxed a little, but there's still not quite what we want in the price range we can comfortably afford), we moved ahead this weekend on some of the finer details we need to finish off before we list our place for sale.

Hubby tackled the transitional rails around the edges of our laminate flooring (e.g. wherever the laminate meets another type of flooring or doorway). This was hard work, involving a lot of drilling into concrete. (Thanks, Hubby).

Meanwhile, Kiddo helped me peel off the silicone sealant from the tub surround -- when Hubby did this during our bathroom reno earlier this year he was already suffering from though not yet diagnosed with pneumonia, so while the seal was sound, it wasn't pretty. After much scraping and scrubbing, we prepped the surround for the new seal. I applied it this afternoon, cursing surprisingly little since I used a tip I found online somewhere: apply soft soap to your finger so that the silicone doesn't stick to your skin when smoothing the bead. I also read the info on the tube which suggested masking both sides of the seam -- good plan!


We also splurged on a new appliance this weekend -- a much dreamed-of compact, portable dishwasher. This meant that I spent about an hour last night re-arranging the kitchen so that we had room to store the dishwasher during the hours it won't be used.


But let me tell you, we are so looking forward to loading that sucker after our next round of entertaining.


pastilla said...

When I was in town I saw that horrific yellow house on Richmond and could not believe that it was sold. Uch!

pastilla said...

Oops. Wrong comment for the post. This was supposed to be for the one about real estate in Victoria easing up. re: dishwasher . . . excellent.