18 March 2008


I got my goodies from The Sampler today (it took a little over 2 weeks):



The top set is the Mini March Sampler which included a cross-stitch pattern, notecards, a button, a print, a sliver of soap (that smells really good), a beaded dangle, and a ribbon bracelet (not shown because it fell off the table -- doh!) The bottom set was the Mini Sampler Select: Buttons which included the most awesome zombie button set from re-conceived.

I'm glad that I ordered them -- it was fun to get other handmade stuff in the mail -- but I think I would prefer to be a contributor in the future... but what to contribute? It needs to be small but "representative" of my work.... I have a few things in mind, including printing up some Huggitz pictures for buttons -- I might be able to track down a button-maker in town (i.e. borrow or rent one and find the supplies myself) or, I could just order a batch through an etsy seller (there are several) who will work with my artwork. Any thoughts?


alison said...

are you contributing to get a sampler or looking to advertise?

from experience, i don't think buttons will get you tons of exposure unless you contribute 200+ and then you get featured on the home page & get 30 days worth of an ad. if you could produce some sort of stationery or greeting card, or perhaps a couple of your coloring pages bundled together, i think stuff like that is really popular. someone else contributed a bunch of finger puppets in march that were super cute.

if you're contributing on a lower level to get the sampler, then, yes, buttons are great!

hope that helps!

Cheryl said...

Wow! Thanks for the feedback, Alison, that's very helpful. I still have lots to consider, but I think you've talked me out of buttons. :) (And yes, I was looking to advertise.)