14 March 2008

Stuff to do when you have (too much?) time and/or cash on your hands

1. Modify an old Mac SE into an "iWipe" toilet paper dispenser.

2. Write some creative non-fiction and send it to The Malahat Review (before August 1, 2008) for a chance at $500. After you pay $35 (or more) to enter (includes subscription - whoopee).

3. Browse Flickr and/or etsy for some craft inspirations then start to think about which project you'd like to start next. Think about the fact that you still needed those bent nose pliers and plan on a trip to the bead store but then remember that last time you went in for some earring findings you came out with a small bag full of $60 worth of stuff. Then you realize that really you don't have anything to make any of these projects so maybe you'll just make a mosaic instead.

Recent Crafty Inspirations...

4. Search for uncommon words -- pretentious, rudderless, poppycock, uber -- to see if you've ever used them in your blog posts.

5. Watch Affluenza (a PBS documentary) in six parts on YouTube. Then allow several hours to manage your reaction.

6. Depending on your reaction to the above link, you might instead want to think of what you'd do if you had a million bucks. Or in today's market, maybe 10 million.


D. said...

Love your blog. Thanks for the time-wasting tips. Derek

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the complement and for dropping by!