24 March 2008

I am Generation X, but there may be hope for me yet.

Even if you didn't know my age, you might have guessed I was Gen X from my obsession with pop culture, my steady stream of sarcasm, and the fact that I am surrounded by shiny gadgets and action figures.

Douglas Coupland gave us our name then moved on to other subjects; demographers refer to us as little more than a blip between the larger boomer and echo populations; but according to Jeff Gordinier, author of X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything From Sucking, my generation has been working quietly on the sidelines to change things.

At least that's what it sounds like he's saying... I haven't read the book yet -- just a review and interview with the author on the Tyee -- but it's on my wish-list and I hope it is as interesting as Helaine Olen makes it sound.


pastilla said...

How fascinating. I just learned that (1960-1964) was kicked out of Coupland's "X" and into a new category: "Shadow Boomer." Pleh. If you ever have a guest pass for any of your sarastic and cool world-saving parties, I'd be ever so grateful.

Cheryl said...

Shadow Boomer? Man that does suck. I figure there's so many Gen Xs trying to claim they are Gen Ys, there's probably room for you.