01 March 2008


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Kiddo spent the night at her Nana's Friday night so that they could get an early start for the Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown events, leaving Hubby and I with the evening and most of Saturday to ourselves.

Friday night, we got out to see a movie -- we finally got to see Juno which accomplished a rare feat: getting me to leave a theatre feeling happy and restoring a little bit of my faith in humanity (the last film that did that was V for Vendetta, oddly enough).

Saturday morning, we opted for breakfast out. It took us a while to decide on a location, but we settled on Rosie's Diner in Cook Street Village -- Hubby had smoked salmon eggs benedict and I had Nadene's Benny (eggs benedict with grilled mushrooms, onions and swiss cheese).

After breakfast we debated our options and settled on wandering through town. We went to Munro's Books, Lens and Shutter, Cherry Bomb Toys, and "the geexus" -- an area centered around Curious Comics that is laden with geek-friendly shopping.

Amid our (mostly window) shopping, I took a lot of photos -- the weather was almost ideal, very sunny and crisp but not unbearably cold.

Before we left town, we grabbed lunch at "Pig: bbq joint" on View -- home of very yummy pulled pork sandwiches, corn bread, baked beans and other simple but tasty fare.

It really was a lovely day together and a nice chance to reflect on the 12th anniversary of our first date. Dawwww.

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