13 March 2008

Birthday Girl

happy birthday girl
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Yesterday was Kiddo's birthday, and she had a pretty good day. She got clothes, and books (lots of books! Several Eyewitness books and the remaining Ramona books), clothes, a season of Futurama on DVD, gift certificates for La Senza Girl and Build-a-Bear workshop, and a Wii.

I was surprised by how difficult it was (still) to find a Wii in town, but Hubby put his Jedi/Sith powers to work and found one in short order. We set it up yesterday afternoon and Kiddo immediately built a Mii (avatar) then launched bowling (it comes with a sports disc) and got a strike first time!

After dinner last night the rest of us had a try... and lemme tell ya, I will be doing more boxing. Not only was it great fun to punch out an avatar that looked like the lead singer of Nickelback, but it was also good exercise! Watching Kiddo box was something else entirely, but she'll pick up some better form eventually.

She also got plenty of exercise on the weekend at her birthday party for friends at Victoria Gymnastics. I'll leave you with this great shot:


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Star said...

happy Birthday Kiddo. The Wii is a loy of fun. And the only sports vdnue where I am on a par with hubby.