28 March 2008

Random stuff from all over...

People tell me I am rough on keyboards. I disagree -- I have never worn through keys.


We spent a while last night talking about con-artists, sparked by my revelation that Kiddo thinks it's funny to practice my signature (!!). It reminded me that I was going to share this great article from 1930 published in Modern Mechanix, How Carnival Games Cheat Customers.


I hadn't heard about this case, but apparently Wal*Mart tried to claim it had a trademark on the yellow smiley-face that bounces around its ad campaign and on store signs. What?? Um... no. Thankfully the judge didn't think so, either.


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pastilla said...

re: WalMart smiley face. Glad to see there is some common sense still around.

Did you ever see the PBS/BBC production about how McDonald's tried to sue Lord McDonald (one of the heads of Clan Donald) for calling the pub on his centuries-old estate "McDonald's"?

The old man was regal and delightful, and claimed to have written them only one letter in which he pointed out that since he was head of all things "McDonald" they should feel lucky if he didn't decide to sue them! (He was never bothered again).

Ah, if only there were some ancient clan of Happy Faces.