04 March 2008

oh what a beautiful mooooorning...

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(You're welcome for the earworm...)

Yes, it was a lovely day this morning in Victoria... crisp, clear, and rather spring-like. I left the house early enough to get the first bus and grab a fresh coffee downtown between buses. When I got close to campus, I got off the bus a stop early and walked in through the gardens. I was hoping for crocuses (and was not disappointed) but I was pleasantly surprised to see several varieties of rhododendrons in full bloom!

Ooooh. Ahhhh. So pretty.

And if that weren't enough to put me in a good mood, I was mistaken for a student while on my way for coffee today (i.e., I was approached by someone running for the UVSS) -- an undergraduate student at that! Woo! (I love it when I successfully deploy campus camouflage!)

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