28 February 2008

a little bit of mystery....

I finally caved in and ordered some grab-bag goodness from The Sampler -- I ordered the mini version of the March Sampler ($10 for 6 items, no magazines) and also one of the miniSampler: choices boxes -- buttons (not the kind you sew on but the kind you pin on). The bonus is that right now the Sampler is offering a Leap Day sale -- 29% off -- which saved me over $4 on my order.

I've been oggling the Sampler stuff for well over a year... and I have been pondering putting together a batch of stuff as a contributor, too, but I wanted to see the way other people put their stuff together before I went ahead and did that. I love the grab-bag idea of it all, and the fact that it is a brilliant promotional tool.

When we stopped in Chemainus on Saturday, one store we visited had a whole shelf of grab bags... they were marked "child - under 12" and "collectible - girl or woman" and so on... I was intrigued. I almost bought one but decided not to... I now wish I had (most were $0.99 or $1.99) because I am still wondering what was inside.

I wonder how many other people out there sell mystery grab bags of stuff.... time for a Google search methinks....

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