04 February 2008

NO. No, no no no NO.

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It was bad enough when Yahoo! bought Flickr and everyone had to change to a Yahoo! login and there were questions about privacy and accounts were randomly blocked as "unsafe"... but to imagine what would happen if Microsoft got in there? I shudder.

Yahoo! people... if you are listening to the blogosphere, just say NO. I will pay more for Flickr Pro if that's what it takes, just tell the big behemoth to back off.

More info:

Microsoft makes unexpected $44.6B offer for Yahoo

Google Issues a Statement on Microsoft's hostile Yahoo! Bid

EU to take harsh line on Microsoft's Yahoo bid

Microsoft: keep your evil grubby hands off of our Flickr (photo pool)

Or just do a Google News search for Microsoft and Yahoo.... and you'll be reading all day long.

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