25 February 2008

our new oasis

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Finally, an "after" shot. (There are a few more on Flickr, with side by side comparisons)

Today, Hubby put up the medicine cabinet and swapped the light fixtures. He also touched up the paint on the base trim. I put up the shower curtain and replaced the cupboard door then filled the cupboards with our bathroom supplies (now they are no longer stacked beside my side of the bed).

Now we can get on with the other little things .... like packing and staging.... and looking through the MLS listings like we mean it.


Z├ęzette said...

I'm kind of sad to see the end of your funny basin tap, although you and I probably differ there :) When I was visiting I had to poke my head into Kiddo's room to ask her how to turn it on. :blush:

batgirl said...

Elegant - restrained Victorian with a touch of shiny from the curtain.