10 February 2008

New stuff in da house -- old stuff's gotta go!

It's been a busy weekend. Friday, I arrived home to my new Dell laptop (wOO!) and I spent some time setting it up and starting to migrate data. Kiddo will be inheriting my slightly busted laptop, so there is no big rush.

Meantime, I tackled moving stuff out of the room/closet that contains our water heater, the cat litter box, our overflow of kitchenware, and assorted craft supplies. I wanted to remove two shelves so that I could fit in some rolling storage, thus allowing easier and quicker access to the hot water tank. As much as we have been denying it, it seems to be on its last legs -- again (we replaced it less than 5 years ago). We are still getting hot water, but only enough for a very short shower and not enough for a full tub for Kiddo. We are hoping to get it dealt with over the next week during or around the time of the bathroom renos.

Which brings me to the other new stuff in da house: bathroom fixtures. After some consideration, we are trying to salvage our tub, rather than replace it. Everything else is getting replaced -- new basin, faucet and vanity, new medicine cabinet, new light fixture, new low-consumption toilet, new tub and shower faucet set, and new tile floor. We stuffed the van full today and now all the bits are stacked in our living room. We have yet to bring home the new tub surround, but that will be new too.

reno parts

Hubby and I are on vacation for a little over a week starting on the 15th. The plan is to start demolition on the Friday and drop Kiddo off at her Granny's for the weekend since part of the renos will leave us without a toilet in the house (we can use the one in the common room but that means going outside to get there). Hopefully we can get it all done by Sunday afternoon. I promise lots of before and after shots.

After the bathroom reno, we have a few other loose ends to tidy up and then we can start earnestly looking for a new house and sell this one as soon as we find something suitable!

Now... I have some more packing to do...

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Keala said...

Congratulations on your DELL! I have one that looks like yours. I love it.

Wow, you guys have a lot to do. At least you have help. I hope.