20 February 2008


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Well, we did manage to wander outside with some of our neighbours to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse tonight... it was a beautiful night for it; the clouds cleared at about 5:00 this evening and while it was chilly, there was no wind.

Still, it's clear that without a telephoto lens, I had no hope of getting a decent shot of this event; I also needed a tripod and to use the timer because without those things (and while trying to stifle a coughing fit or six) this was the very best of three sad shots I got of the full eclipse.

Ah well. It was fun listening to Kiddo. She said, "It kind of looks like Mars" to which I agreed. She pondered whether there was life on the Moon or whether there could be, and if not there, maybe on Mars. Then she noticed Orion in the sky and we tried to find some other constellations... but the very bright lights in the parking lot prevented us from getting a clear view of much.

I'm still hating February, but I hated it just a little bit less this evening.

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